Premium Music Festival
2022. július 11-16.  

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Félix Lajkó solo concert

Félix Lajkó, Ferenc Liszt award winner, violinist and composer, was born in Topolya (Transylvania) in 1974. His first instrument was a zither that he learnt to play at the age of ten. He held a violin for the first time during his sixth year at primary school.  Leaving his second-year class at music school behind him, he headed for Budapest with a borrowed violin… and since then he’s been travelling around the world in various musical guises, captivating audiences with his performances on violin and zither.

He has collaborated with famous groups and musicians such as György Szabados, Boris Kovač, the French band Noir Désir, Alexander Balanescu, Boban Marković, and Roby Lakatos. Since 1994, he has released several albums and composed music for the theatre and soundtracks.

VeszprémFest provides the opportunity to become familiar with and enjoy the 3 faces of this violin virtuoso over the course of 3 evenings.

Félix Lajkó solo concert

Fiendish improvisations, soaring melodies, and virtuosity transport the audience to another world. The violinist evokes feelings, moods and images through the language of music



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