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15. VeszprémFest
Premium Music Festival
2018. július 11-14.

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How to get there

Parking is limited in the town centre, so if you plan to arrive at the História Garden or Óváros Square for the Rosé, Riesling and Jazz Days, please set aside time for parking. We strongly recommend using the parking facilities further away from the concert venues.

The map below highlights the nearby car parks. By hovering your mouse over the markings the names and number of free places of the car parks become visible, and by clicking on a marking you can directly launch navigation instructions to the location.


Bakony Taxi
Telefon: +36 88 444 444

Charter bus services

Charter bus services will be provided for the concerts held in Veszprém Arena and for the journey back into the town centre. More detailed information (bus numbers, timetables, routes) will be posted on our website a few days prior to the concert.



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