Premium Music Festival
2024. JÚLIUS 16-20.  

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Accreditation // 2024

VeszprémFest provides press tickets to all programs of the event for all media, daily newspapers, TV, radio and internet portals whose target group corresponds to the cultural profile of the festival.

Any officially registered medium (print, electronic, online) backed by a responsible legal entity or individual can submit a request for accreditation.

The basic condition for accreditation is a minimum of 2 pcs. preliminary publication of a recommendation/interview/news about the festival.

Please send your application to one of the contact details below by June 15, 2024 at the latest!

Please note that we cannot accept accreditation applications after the deadline!

Application alone does not mean automatic accreditation for VeszprémFest events. We reserve the right to evaluate the applications received!

We will notify all applicants by e-mail of the evaluation of the accreditation by July 1, 2024 at the latest.

Please send your accreditation to one of the following addresses:

Tamás Koltay

It is only possible to take photos and make recordings at the concerts during the period and duration determined by the performing bands, details of which will be provided when receiving the press tickets. Please indicate this separately during the accreditation if it is a photo application.



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