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Jazz+Az is a short-lived but highly successful Hungarian pop group. It was established by Péter Geszti and László Dés in 1997, when they wrote songs for the film entitled “A miniszter félrelép” (Out of Order) and decided to make a musical involving the new band. The joint authors asked three exceptional singers, Orsi Kozma, Eszter Váczi and Dóri Behumi to join the production.

They released two albums and one remix album altogether. The first was released in 1998 under the title “Kalózok” (Pirates), collecting the music of a film with a similar title. The debut was a great success for the band and led to enormous popularity. Their next album, “Egynek jó” (It will do) – in which “funky” appeared as a more dominant element compared to the first album – was released in 1999 followed by “Ez meg mi” (What’s this? – Remix album) in 2000.

Releasing three albums and with numerous hits becoming public favourites, all the band’s albums achieved platinum status, and they also received the “Arany Zsiráf” (Golden Giraffe) award in 2000. They announced their break-up in the same year, at the peak of this success. Their career closed with a farewell concert in the Kisstadion.

On the 20th anniversary of this sold-out farewell concert, Geszti, Dés and the girls decided to get on stage at the Papp László Budapest Sportaréna in January 2020 to perform the best songs of their career, with resounding success in front of the crowded auditorium.

Their next performance will be on VeszprémFest, where you can enjoy the hits again with the distinctive style of the lyrics written by Péter Geszti.



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