Premium Music Festival
2024. JÚLIUS 16-20.  

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Paco De Lucia

Is the greatest living legend of Flamenco music today. He performs with his group compositions from the last 30 years.
He starts the performance solo – one of the most beautiful moments of the concert. The Maestro and his guitar: from the beginning of the first note magic fills the hall. He plays his way right into the heart of the audience. He plays songs like “Antonia” (dedicated to his daughter), “Entre dos Aguas”, “Zyriab” where you can almost touch the love he has for this music.

In 1965 he recorded his first LP, Dos Guitarras Flamencas. In 1975, with his album Fuente y Caudal, Paco began his dialogues with improvisation, and with the Rumba Entre Dos Aguas, he transformed the Flamenco guitar from a marginal instrument into a worldwide phenomenon. Simply by introducing the cajon drum, the bass and percussion, he lays the foundation of the current Flamenco idiom; Almoraima, on which he definitively surpasses the sounds produced by his masters, Niño Ricardo and Sabicas; Siroco, the greatest melodic and harmonious homage to Flamenco there is, and Luzía, fruit of a dark decade of absence, are just some of the landmarks that demonstrate the revolutionary genius, intuition and talent that are Paco de Lucía’s trademark.

His openness towards other music styles like in the collaboration with John McLaughlin and Al di Meola is combined with his creativity and wish to bring Flamenco to the modern world. He is and remains a Flamenco guitarist but his wish to integrate new instruments and styles into traditional Flamenco is a gift that has influenced a complete generation of Spanish musicians.

Francisco Sánchez Gómez was born in Algeciras, Cadiz, on December 21, 1947. Ever since the day when, as a five year old, he corrected his father, Antonio Sánchez, (a professional guitarist) as to the rhythm of a flourish, Paco’s dedication to the guitar has been exhaustive. 26 albums released, hundreds of awards and the consensus of the critics regarding the spectacular musical revolution he has instigated, all go towards making him the universal artist that he is.


Collaborators:Paco De Lucia
Antonio Sanchez (2nd guitar)
Antonio Serrano (key, harm)
Alain Perez - bass
Piraña - percussion
Rubio - vocal
David de Jacoba - voc
Farruco - dance




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