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15. VeszprémFest
Premium Music Festival
2018. július 11-14.

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General Terms and Conditions of Purchasing Tickets and Attending the Festival

The VeszprémFest musical and cultural festival (hereinafter: Event) is organized by Veszprémi Ünnepi Játékok Public Nonprofit Ltd. (hereinafter: Organiser)

By purchasing a ticket for the Event, the Visitor agrees to the terms and conditions of the Event set by the Organiser.

In the Event of Rain

For outdoor performances, the Organiser shall appoint a back-up venue in case of rain.
The Organiser shall inform the Visitors of the actual location of the performances on the Organiser's website, Facebook page and mobile application by 2pm on the day of the performance.  Also from that time on, information may be requested in person at the Organiser's ticket office, via email or by phone (8200 Veszprém, Óváros tér 22., +36 88 800 900,
The Visitor acknowledges that he or she is not entitled to the right of reimbursement if the performance is held at a different location because of rain.
In addition the Visitor acknowledges that the outdoor venues and the venues in the event of rain may have different seating arrangements due to their different layout. This means that tickets are not necessarily assigned for the same seat and row at the different locations.

Restricted View

Some seats on Holy Trinity Square (Szentháromság tér) and in the Castle (Vár) – depending on the performing artist’s line-up – may offer only a restricted view of the stage.

Performance Cancellation

If the performance is interrupted due to adverse weather conditions, ends before the scheduled time or is delayed, it is not considered to be cancelled if more than half of the performance is held, the beginning of the performance is delayed by less than 50% of the length of the estimated time of the performance, or the performance was interrupted for less than 25% of its estimated length.
Should a performance be cancelled the Organiser shall inform the Visitor and other ticket agents about the procedures, venue, and ticket refund deadline.
Tickets are refundable for 30 days from the date of the performance, and only with the original ticket and the purchaser's receipt.
The Organiser or retailer are not obliged to refund any damages and charges other than the full price of the ticket.
Tickets are not refundable for any reason other than the cancellation of the Event.

Audio and Video Recording

Audio and video footage of the Event may be recorded on which visitors to the Event may appear; visitors to the Event cannot hold any claims against the Organiser or the rightful owner of the footage, furthermore these recordings may be made public without the consent of the persons concerned.


Visitors in wheelchairs and those accompanying them can drive up to the castle, i.e. to the concert venue entrance, by car, but parking is only allowed in official parking areas outside the castle district (as there is no space for cars in the castle). For authorisation, please send the registration plate of the car to the following e-mail address: There is an accessible toilet at the concert venue in the Dubniczay Palace (entry to the building is beside the stand).

Veszprém Aréna is an accessible venue.


The Organiser reserves the right to make minor or major changes to the Event and the line-up of the performing artists if necessary.
Unless otherwise indicated on the ticket, the ticket is valid for a single entry of the ticket holder (one person) for the Event stated on the ticket.
Lost, damaged or destroyed tickets cannot be replaced.
In order to ensure the safety of our guests it is prohibited to bring in glass bottles, any kind of dangerous item, video camera recorders or cameras to the Event.
The Organiser may not be held responsible for any kind of damage due to the behaviour of the visitors.
In the event of rain, rain coats should preferably be used instead of umbrellas.
No animals are permitted on the grounds of the Event, except for qualified service dogs, guide dogs and police dogs.

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